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The core business of Alexkor is the mining of diamonds on land, along rivers, on beaches and in the sea along the north-west coast of South Africa. These activities are complemented by geology, exploration, ore reserve planning, rehabilitation and environmental management.

Alexkor Limited is a juristic entity established in terms of the Alexkor Limited Act (No. 116 of 1992), as amended, which is wholly owned by the government. Alexkor has two divisions, namely Alexander Bay Mining (ABM) and non-core operations.

The ABM division is the core business of the Company, exploiting a large land-based diamond resource and extensive diamondiferous marine deposits.

The successful land claim by the Richtersveld Community (RVC) has considerably changed the landscape of Alexkor and the Namaqualand region.

In terms of the Deed of Settlement (DoS) the land mining rights will be transferred to the community, whilst Alexkor is to retain its marine mining rights.

Alexkor and the Richtersveld Mining Company will form a pooling and sharing joint venture (PSJV), which is an unincorporated joint venture that will oversee all the mining activities going forward.

Alexkor's distinctive competencies are its quality of diamonds and its unique land and mineral resources. Over the life of the mine approximately 10,000,000 carats of gemstone quality diamonds have been recovered.



Tel: (027) 831 1330

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Alexkor SOC Ltd Head Office

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8A Jellicoe Avenue



South Africa

Tel:  +27 11 788 8809/19/22

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Alexkor RMC JV Operational Office

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Orange Road

Alexander Bay


South Africa

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Private Bag x5

Orange Road

Alexander Bay


South Africa

Tel:  +27 831 8300

Fax: +27 831 1910