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Alexkor  Alexkor AR 2008-09.pdf
27/02/2014 12:33nVision
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Alexkor Limited is a juristic entity established in terms of the Alexkor Limited Act (No.116 of 1992), as amended, which is wholly owned by the government. Alexkor has two divisions, namely Alexander Bay Mining (ABM) and non-core operations.
Annual Report 2013_2014.pdf
10/11/2015 11:03System Account
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It is a pleasure to report on the work of the Shareholder Representative and the Department of Public Enterprises in relation to the work of SOC.
Annual Report 2014_2015.pdf
10/11/2015 09:50System Account
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The 2014/2015 Annual Report stapulates achievements whilst being cognisant of prevailing challenges within the Department.
Denel Annual Report 2011.pdf
13/05/2014 14:07System Account
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Denel’s strategic objectives are to establish a financially sustainable organisation, while simultaneously fulfilling the greater objectives of being a responsible South African corporate citizen.  File Size: 9855kb
Department of Public Enterprises Annual Report 2011.pdf
27/02/2014 12:43nVision
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The aim of the Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) is to provide effective shareholder management of State Owned
Enterprises (SOEs) that report to the Department and support and promote economic efficiency
Department of Public Enterprises Annual Report 2011_2012.pdf
27/02/2014 12:43nVision
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The Department of Public Enterprises revised its vision statement during the 2011/12 financial year to reflect the Department’s strengthened focus on the State-Owned Companies’ (SOC) investments...
DPE Annual Report 2012 - 2013.pdf
27/02/2014 12:44nVision
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To drive investment, productivity and transformation in the Department’s portfolio of State Owned Companies (SOC), their customers and suppliers so as to unlock growth, drive industrialisation, create jobs and develop skills.
DPE Annual Report 2013 - 2014.pdf
20/10/2014 14:31exordia\baboxabex001
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The  2013/14 Annual Report fairly reflects the operations, the performance information, the human resources information and the financial affairs of the department for the financial year ended 31 March 2014.
DPE Annual Report 2015-16.pdf
04/10/2016 08:47System Account
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As Executive Authority and sole Shareholder
Representative of Government for ALEXKOR, DENEL, ESKOM, TRANSNET, SAFCOL and SAX, shareholder management is paramount.
DPE Annual Report 2016-17.pdf
20/09/2017 16:45System Account
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The Annual Report provides an opportunity
for the Department to reflect and report
on the progress made with regard to the
implementation of the Department’s strategic
objectives in the 2016/17 financial year.
26/09/2018 16:38System Account
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The Annual Report provides an opportunity for the Department to reflect and report on the progress made with regard to the implementation of the Department’s strategic objectives in the 2017/18 financial year.
Eskom Annual Report 2011.pdf
27/02/2014 12:36nVision
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The annual report for the year ended 31 March 2011 is an
integrated report, presenting not only the financial but also the
economic, environmental, social, sustainability and technical aspects of Eskom’s business and performance.
SAA Annual Report 2011-2012.pdf
27/02/2014 12:38nVision
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In line with the recommendations of the King Code on Corporate Governance (King III of 2009), South African Airways presents its second step towards an ‘integrated annual report’...
SAFCOL SAFCOL AR 2008-09.pdf
27/02/2014 12:41nVision
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A world class, global business engaged in multi-functional
forestry, revolutionising the integration of forests and