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Minister Brown declines Brian Molefe’s pension pay-out

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Minister Brown declines Brian Molefe’s pension pay-out


Minister Brown declines Brian Molefe’s pension pay-out


The Minister of Public Enterprises, Ms Lynne Brown, has declined Eskom’s proposal to pay its former

Group Chief Executive, Mr Brian Molefe, a R30-million pension pay-out.

"I have considered the Eskom Board’s reasoning in formulating the proposed pension payout and

cannot support it.

"I found the argument presented by the Board on why the pension arrangement was conceived

lacking in legal rationale, and it cannot be substantiated as a performance reward because Mr

Molefe has already been granted a performance bonus for his contribution to the turnaround of


“Nor is the proposed pension payout justifiable in light of the current financial challenges faced not

only by State-Owned Companies (SOCs), but by the country as a whole.

“I have in the past asked Eskom and the other five SOCs in my portfolio to demonstrate financial

prudence and social consciousness when considering executive emoluments.

“Given that I was not a party to the contract of employment concluded between the Eskom Board

and Mr Molefe, I have instructed the Board to urgently engage Mr Molefe and report back to me

with an appropriate pension proposal within seven days.

“I​t is unfortunate that such a sensitive and private matter was handled so recklessly.

"Finally, I have asked the Board to investigate how its proposal got into the public domain prior to

my having had the opportunity to consider it," Minister Brown said.

For enquiries contact Colin Cruywagen on 082 3779916.

Issued by the Ministry of Public Enterprises

23 April 2017
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