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Human Resources and Capacity Building

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Human Resources and Capacity Building

In the past, SOCs have made considerable contributions to uplifting skills in South Africa. They have played a vital role in training South Africans in a range of technical, technological and artisanal skills. However, limited infrastructure has been built up over the last three decades, with the result that there has been a decrease in the numbers of people trained in these institutions.

Eskom and Transnet have embarked on a significant infrastructure expansion programme which will require large numbers of skilled people to participate in the build programmes of these SOCs.

This project will:

  • Quantify what specific skills are required for the build programmes of our SOCs
  • Understand what skills are currently available in South Africa
  • Perform a gap analysis, indicating the shortfall or excess in all the required categories
  • In parallel with this exercise, the project will:
    • Audit the current training capacities of the SOCs and other tertiary institutions to understand what they will be able to deliver 
    • Identify synergies for training among SOCs and opportunities for further collaboration with each other as well as other education institutions.

The information gathered in this project reports in to the Joint Initiative for Priority Skills Acquisitions (JIPSA).