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Energy Enterprise

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Energy Enterprise

Strategic objectives

To strengthen the Department’s oversight role by aligning the shareholder’s strategic intent in relation to the
SOC role in achieving Government objectives in the Energy sector.

To contribute to the enhancement of SOC performance:

  • Evaluating corporate plans and providing advice to boards of directors annually.
  • Monitoring and benchmarking the implementation of corporate plans and shareholder compacts
  • Assessing shareholder and enterprise risks quarterly and advising boards on areas of concern.


Support the security of electricity supply by:

  • Examining Eskom’s maintenance plans, operational practices, distribution efficiency and the reserve
  • Reviewing regular updates from Eskom and through interaction with utility and stakeholders in the
    energy sector.
  • Monitor the capital investment programme in the public interest by developing and implementing a
    framework that emphasises the creation of value added benefits for the economy by end of March 2013.
  • Reduce Eskom’s dependence on funding from the fiscus by monitoring cost escalations for the capital
    investment programme, and developing innovative funding arrangements.
  • Leverage Eskom’s capital investment in the development of local supplier industries by monitoring the
    implementation of the competitive supplier development programme and evaluating quarterly reports.
  • Support the effective operation of Eskom by regularly engaging with the Department of Energy and the
    National Energy Regulator of South Africa on new policies and regulations affecting Eskom.
    Pebble Bed Modular Reactor.
  • Implement the Pebble Bed Modular Reactor care and maintenance programme by monitoring the
    implementation of intellectual property packaging for preservation, assets handling and the use of cash
    through weekly status reports.