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Programme 1: Administration
To provide strategic management, direction and administrative support to the Department which enables the department to meet its strategic objectives.

Sub Programmes
Office of the Director-General is responsible for establishment of effective and efficient systems of financial and risk management and provision of strategic leadership.

Corporate Services is responsible for:

  • Security and Facilities Management which provides a safe and secure environment and internal administration and facilities services to internal customers.
  • Information Management and Technology is responsible for IT infrastructure and support, Records Management and Library Services.
  • Office of the Chief Financial Officer is responsible for Financial Management Services to ensure compliance with the PFMA and Treasury Regulations and efficient and effective supply chain management services.
  • Human Resources is responsible for assisting line management to implement operational excellence and
    developing the Human Capital potential in the department.
  • Communications is responsible for repositioning the department as an activist shareholder; make the DPE brand relevant and meaningful to ordinary South Africans; impact media relations and media communication
    and improve employee engagement.
  • Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation is responsible for coordination, management and oversight of outcomes based performance reporting of the department; implementation of performance monitoring and evaluation processes for individual programmes and business units as a mechanism for measuring delivery of our strategic objectives and reporting to various stakeholders.
  • Inter-Governmental and Stakeholder Relations is responsible for coordination, support and provision of advice to the Minister, Deputy Minister, Director-General and the department on matters related to the Inter-Governmental, International and Stakeholder Relations.
  • Internal Audit assists the Accounting Officer and the Audit Committee in the effective discharge of their
    responsibilities. The function provides independent analysis, appraisals, recommendations, counsel and
    information concerning the activities reviewed, with a view to improving accountability and performance.
    Office Accommodation is for the devolution of funds from the Department of Public Works (DPW) for the DPE premises.

Strategic Objectives

  • Sound financial management policies and practices.
  • High performance culture.
  • Effective, efficient and timeous recruitment and selection to ensure an adequately capacitated
  • Provide strategic communication support that aligns with the department’s goals and objectives to the executive leadership.
  • Coordination, management and oversight of outcomes based performance reporting; performance monitoring and evaluation and reporting to stakeholders.